About us

Launched in 2011, by owner Matthew Gane, Ganeing Ground Tasmania(as in Gaining ground) is a proudly Tasmanian enterprise promoting Tasmania, Nutrition, lifestyle, Animal welfare and Unity.

We are passionate about animals, the outdoors and photography. As such these are the main areas of focus in our store. In time we hope to expand the products available in these areas.

At Ganeing Ground Tasmania we try to raise awareness, through our Social Media Network, on issues related to; Sustainability, Animal Welfare, Life, Equal rights, Unity and in case you missed it Tasmania.
We also like to promote Tasmanian people and Businesses who are working towards a Better future for Tasmania, Australia and the World.
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As time goes by our aim is to introduce ranges of quality Tasmanian products and produce, some of which will be under our own brand name.

Please support us in our efforts to showcase Tasmania on our social media network and soon in our store, we will bring you quality products at reasonable prices and hopefully, we can all "gane" ground together.