Electric Toilet Bidet - White
Electric Toilet Bidet - White
Electric Toilet Bidet - White
Electric Toilet Bidet - White
Electric Toilet Bidet - White
Electric Toilet Bidet - White
Electric Toilet Bidet - White

Electric Toilet Bidet - White

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Just as you need water to wash our face, hair, hands, feet and body to keep them clean and healthy, it is also true for our personal areas. And if cleanliness and hygiene are important to you, then you will find the Cefito Electronic Bidet an integral part in ensuring a refreshing lifestyle. Smart bidet is a convenient solution to address your needs. Installing the bidet is as easy as simply removing your original toilet seat and replace with it. Just connect to the water cistern supply with the supplied fittings, and a power source. No plumber needed. And with all the great functions set in a simple control panel, using the Bidet is totally hassle-free too. So begin a fresh approach to personal hygiene with the exceptionally safe and reliable Cefito Electronic Bidet.

Note: Toilet suite is for demostration purpose only.


Smart bidet toilet seat


Oscillating wash

Automatic deodorization

IPX4 water proofing


Self-cleaning nozzles

Twin nozzles

Adjustable water temperature

Adjustable washing position


Adjust Water spraying-intensity

Adjustable air dryer temperature

Massage mode

Built-in automatic body sensor

Heated anti-bacterial seat

Adjustable seat temperature

Slow-closing lid


Safety alarm


Voltage: AC220 to 240V 50Hz

Water pressure: 0.04 to 0.70 Mpa

Water flow rate: wash: max 1.3L/min, bidet: max 1.4L/min

Water pressure control: anus washing, bidet washing controlled by micro computer

Temperature control: 4-step adjustment (OFF, 34℃, 37℃, 40℃)

Safety device: float switch, temperature sensor, temperature fuse

Washing power: 550W

Tank capacity: 1.4L

Warm air power: 270W

Temperature control: 4-step adjustment (OFF, 45℃, 55℃, 65℃)

Safety device: temperature fuse

Soft seat: when closing, the seat and cover fall down slowly

Temperature control: 4-step adjustment (OFF, 34℃, 38℃, 42℃ )

Safety device: temperature sensor, temperature fuse

Package Content

1 x Cefito Electric Bidet Seat

1 x Water Inlet Tube (length: 60cm, diameter: 1/2inch)

1 x Bidet Accessories (Package)

1 x User Manual